Endorsement Registry

Endorsement involves a standardized process to determine that a professional has accumulated specialized experiences in the infant/early childhood field and has signed a Code of Ethics. All Endorsement applicants receive a copy of the Code of Ethics. Experiences are documented by the submission of an application that details competency-based training, specialized work experiences, and for most, reflective supervision/consultation (RSC) experiences. The application also includes submission of reference rating forms on behalf of the applicant. Endorsees as Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist and Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Mentor have passed an exam that includes measures of theoretical knowledge, direct service skills, and their capacity to apply these principles into practice.

Maintaining Endorsement requires ongoing training and, in the cases of Infant/Early Childhood Family Specialist, Infant/Early Childhood Family Reflective Supervisor, Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist and Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Mentor-Clinical, ongoing RSC. Endorsees are required to recommit to upholding the Code of Ethics annually. Beginning in January of 2023, this commitment includes signing an attestation that the endorsee is not currently sanctioned by a licensing board. However, the AIMH Endorsement does not offer monitoring for ethics violations.

Endorsement is not a professional license or a certificate. AIMH Endorsement cannot guarantee the quality of service of any endorsed professional. AIMH Endorsement does not include a process by which complaints or concerns regarding ethics can be filed.

NameEndorsement Category
Josephine Ahmadein, IMH-E® IFSInfant Family Associate
Nubia BordaInfant Family Associate
Brenda BuxbaumInfant Family Associate
Rhonda CicconeInfant Family Associate
Jessica CowanInfant Family Associate
Linda D'AmbrosioInfant Family Associate
Kaitlin EitelInfant Family Associate
Allison Goldschlag- ReinkingInfant Family Associate
Charlene GreenInfant Family Associate
Paula HartleyInfant Family Associate
Burchelyn HerbertInfant Family Associate
Nicole HopkinsInfant Family Associate
Keisha HunterInfant Family Associate
Esther Jacqueline StephensInfant Family Associate
Malika JafriInfant Family Associate
Alicia JenksInfant Family Associate
Jameka JonesInfant Family Associate
Bao-ngoc LeInfant Family Associate
Betsy LovellInfant Family Associate
Rachel MellenInfant Family Associate
Jennifer MetzgerInfant Family Associate
Maria NavaInfant Family Associate
Melodie NortonInfant Family Associate
Danae PalominoInfant Family Associate
Joanna PearrichInfant Family Associate
Caitlin PennacchiInfant Family Associate
Maryann Peraino-PetersonInfant Family Associate
Theresa PerazzelliInfant Family Associate
Sandra R PerlsInfant Family Associate
Patricia RomeroInfant Family Associate
Jacquelyn RooneyInfant Family Associate
Kathryn SimoneInfant Family Associate
E. Stefani MoonInfant Family Associate
Giuliana StilloInfant Family Associate
Noelle TongueInfant Family Associate
Baaqia UqdahInfant Family Associate
Bibiana VazquezInfant Family Associate
Christine WatersInfant Family Associate
Nadine WilkinsInfant Family Associate
Jorge A. Montanez-MurilloInfant Family Specialist
Josephine Ahmadein, IMH-E® IFSInfant Family Specialist
Pia Anjelica AbabonInfant Family Specialist
Carley AroldiInfant Family Specialist
Rashmi bakshiInfant Family Specialist
Jessica BarnaInfant Family Specialist
Joanna BermeoInfant Family Specialist
Monika BieleckaInfant Family Specialist
Maria C RivasInfant Family Specialist
Katelyn CappelloInfant Family Specialist
Angela DeFazioInfant Family Specialist
Joan DillonInfant Family Specialist
Jacquelyn Doran CunninghamInfant Family Specialist
Victoria E. HenaoInfant Family Specialist
Paulina Galan-OlguinInfant Family Specialist
Nichole GoodingInfant Family Specialist
Rebecca HaddockInfant Family Specialist
Holly HansenInfant Family Specialist
Rebecca HarringtonInfant Family Specialist
Jacqueline Jupin-manziInfant Family Specialist
Dina LadolcettaInfant Family Specialist
Kimberly LaRoseInfant Family Specialist
Rochel LazewnikInfant Family Specialist
Carin LeivaInfant Family Specialist
Bernadette LoPinto-NeilInfant Family Specialist
Mary Lou AllenInfant Family Specialist
Betsy LovellInfant Family Specialist
Carmela McClearyInfant Family Specialist
Stephanie MichaelInfant Family Specialist
Tanya MunyanInfant Family Specialist
Meryem OzkusInfant Family Specialist
Viki PalmerInfant Family Specialist
Danae PalominoInfant Family Specialist
Claritza PenaInfant Family Specialist
Stacey PittsInfant Family Specialist
Sofia ReyesInfant Family Specialist
Deborah ReynoldsInfant Family Specialist
Karen RolandInfant Family Specialist
Jean RoseInfant Family Specialist
Jennifer SantanaInfant Family Specialist
Danielle SchappertInfant Family Specialist
Winifred Smith-JenkinsInfant Family Specialist
Deepa SrinivasavaradanInfant Family Specialist
Lorri SullivanInfant Family Specialist
Ashley TarquiniInfant Family Associate
Elmoria ThomasInfant Family Specialist
Miriam Tirtza KatzInfant Family Specialist
Fernanda UllauriInfant Family Specialist
Coleen VanderbeekInfant Family Specialist
Karina VillanuevaInfant Family Specialist
Christine WheelerInfant Family Specialist
Nadine WilkinsInfant Family Specialist
Rynesha WilliamsInfant Family Specialist
Jill WodnickInfant Family Specialist
Annissa WorobecInfant Family Specialist
Gloria AndradeInfant Mental Health Specialist
Britnie Boyd StanislausInfant Mental Health Specialist
Brittany BrusbergInfant Mental Health Specialist
Katherine BurghartInfant Mental Health Specialist
Jessica CowanInfant Mental Health Specialist
Kristen EstrellaInfant Mental Health Specialist
Melanie FellerInfant Mental Health Specialist
Gladys FernandezInfant Mental Health Specialist
Carolyn FlynnInfant Mental Health Specialist
Linda GarofallouInfant Mental Health Specialist
Karen GerberInfant Mental Health Specialist
Aliza GrodkoInfant Mental Health Specialist
Glenda JamesInfant Mental Health Specialist
Emily LawtonInfant Mental Health Specialist
Leslie LesterInfant Mental Health Specialist
Kelly McGlassonInfant Mental Health Specialist
Andrea MurgadoInfant Mental Health Specialist
Jose NievesInfant Mental Health Specialist
Michele ParkinsInfant Mental Health Specialist
Samantha SilverbergInfant Mental Health Specialist
Elizabeth SzilvassyInfant Mental Health Specialist
Coleen VanderbeekInfant Mental Health Specialist
Lindsay ZerafaInfant Mental Health Specialist
Jennifer Blanchette McConnellInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Katherine BurghartInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Corinne CatalanoInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Kellie CuzzolaInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Norma Jean BuddInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Leslie LesterInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Jessica LoughlinInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Una MajmudarInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Christina Marie ColonInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Kaitlin MulcahyInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Kathleen MulrooneyInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Ellen SamittInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Dayna Zatina EganInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Terri BuccarelliInfant Mental Health Mentor (Policy)
Adam DiBellaInfant Mental Health Mentor (Policy)
Angela Fisher-Solomon, Ph.D.Infant Mental Health Mentor (Policy)
Keri GiordanoInfant Mental Health Mentor (Policy)
Lindsay PearsonInfant Mental Health Mentor (Policy)
Cynthia SoeteInfant Mental Health Mentor (Policy)
Marjorie BrickleyInfant Mental Health Mentor (Research/Faculty)
Keri GiordanoInfant Mental Health Mentor (Research/Faculty)
Lorri SullivanInfant Mental Health Mentor (Research/Faculty)